Why Choose a Professional Teleprompter Instead of an App?

These days, it seems like there’s an app for everything under the sun, and that goes twice for apps related to content creation.

With so many creative people out there looking to share their vision and stand out from the rest, it’s no wonder that more and more technologies pop up that make it easy to acquire nearly professional results on a shoestring budget from the comfort of one’s home.

Can an app replace a professional, though?

While there is no denying that apps make everything simpler, there’s also no denying that a trained crew with quality equipment can make a huge difference for any production, no matter the kind, so sometimes it pays to splurge to deliver the best results regardless of what you do.


Why should you use a teleprompter?


Whether you’re producing a film, a commercial, a youtube video, or even organizing a live event, it’s no secret that you’re looking for the most reliable and cost-effective way of connecting with your audience.

While some mediums are more forgiving than others, there’s no denying that a confident delivery of a message can make a huge difference in whether your audience will believe you or not, and that applies to any kind of audiovisual content out there.

A confident delivery comes from practice and experience, yes, but it’s also aided with the right tools, and teleprompters are a wonderful example of that, as they allow people to read from a screen to make sure they deliver the right message, all without having to look down at their notes or perform other distraction actions that might take away from what they’re saying.

Why choose a professional teleprompter instead of an app?


To put it bluntly, when it comes to teleprompters, size is very important. The whole point of teleprompters is to offer a comfortable way of reading something without having to look away from the audience.

Yes, apps are convenient and, more importantly, free, but they’re usually available only on phones, which limits not only the distance you can put between yourself and the screen but also the angles you can use when filming.

In all honesty, if your teleprompting app allows for more than a shoulder-level shot where the subject is directly facing the camera, it would be nothing short of a miracle.

Professional teleprompter equipment, on the other hand, works separately from cameras, allowing creatives to play with angles and shots while still having a large screen that will be plainly visible to the subject.

Not only that, but teleprompters can be incredibly discrete, even when it comes to public settings. A proper presidential setup can make teleprompters downright invisible, giving the illusion that a spokesperson knows exactly what they need to say.

Sure, phones are convenient and anyone can download an app that works like a teleprompter, but if you’re on camera its going to be pretty obvious that you’re looking away to look at your phone, and at that point, what’s the difference between using a teleprompting app and cue cards?

Yes, hiring professional teleprompters is going to be more expensive, but while apps can do a lot of things right, working as a teleprompter is just not one of them.