Video teleprompter services in San Diego

Are you planning an event and want to make it stand out from the rest? Do you have a media project that needs to sound more professional?


Are you looking for video teleprompter services in San Diego?


Then you’re in need of Telecue & Sound!


With over 32 years of offering high-quality video teleprompting services to San Diego’s most creative residents, Telecue & Sound is the solution for all your teleprompter needs.

Our Skills


Our decades in the business of video teleprompter services have given us the edge when it comes to professionalism and effectiveness.


Our operators have experience in film projects, tv projects, live events of all kinds, indoors and outdoors filming, on-site audio mixing, and more, giving us the skill and experience needed to provide quality services to all of our clients.


Whether you’re working on a news show, giving an important live speech, or filming a movie, we’re the company to go to when you’re looking to give your production a push.

Why should I use video teleprompting services?


Live events live and die by their audio, and the same can be said about all kinds of media projects.


Even the world’s most talented spokespeople can stumble over their words or forget the next line now and then, a mistake that can damage even the world’s most passionate speech.


Using video teleprompter services negates this risk, as spokespeople will be able to see the speech right in front of them and refer to it in an unobtrusive, and discrete way.


What’s more, a video teleprompting services operator can also take care of a production’s audio recording and mixing, ensuring every word gets recorded for posterity.


This goes double when it comes to projects that will be recorded on film.


Unlike with speeches, film or tv show scripts aren’t filmed in order, so having actors or newscasters remember everything that needs to be said can be a problem.


While many media professionals know how to navigate around this issue, video teleprompting services can act as an extra safety net to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Telecue & Sound

As one of the biggest video teleprompting services providers in San Diego, Telecue & Sound offers a wide variety of audio and video teleprompting equipment.


For live events and speeches, we offer presidential setups, as well as flat-panel monitors of various sizes to ensure versatility and performance.


All of our video teleprompting equipment is equipped with remote power, eliminating the risk of batteries running out during your production.


As for audio, our skilled operators are equipped with a powerful field mixer, wilder receivers, and field-approved microphones that will ensure crisp and clear audio even in harsh conditions.


Our video teleprompting crew has the skill and equipment necessary to record, transmit and sound mix on location in an non-obtrusive manner that’s easy to hide from cameras and crowds, giving your project not only the best audio but also a very natural look.


We look forward to providing you with the exceptional video teleprompting services and professionalism that makes us stand out in San Diego.