Video Teleprompter Near San Diego

When organizing a public event, a live speech, or when producing any kind of media content in California, video teleprompters near San Diego can be your best secret weapon.

Media productions, no matter their size, rely heavily on quality audio and well-delivered lines, meaning that, if you want your project to stand up, it pays to hire video teleprompter services.

This goes twice for live events and public speeches, where there are no second takes and all words in your speech need to be delivered as naturally as confidently as possible.

Because of this and more, video teleprompters near San Diego should be a priority if you’re working in the city.

Professional services like Telecue & Sound will give you the extra push you need to give your live event or media production the kind of quality that will make it stand out from the rest.

About us.

If you’re looking for video teleprompters near San Diego, Telecue & Sound should be your choice.

With more than thirty years in the teleprompting industry, our experience and technical skills can adapt to your project no matter the type.

Telecue & Sound is a household name for a reason: We’ve provided video teleprompter services to live events, newscasts, TV advertisements, well-known talk shows, and more.

We’ve worked interiors and exteriors; live productions and pre-recorded events, and much more.

We’re the to-go option for numerous media companies in San Diego and that’s something we don’t take lightly.

Our Services.


We offer video teleprompter services near San Diego, meaning we can travel to nearby cities to work on your event or project.

Our expert crew will set and manage the equipment, giving you one less thing to worry about during your production.

For live speeches and events, we have presidential set-ups and numerous flat-panel monitors that will adapt to your specific needs.

For audio, we carry audio mixers, powerful receivers, field-tested microphones, and provide on-site audio mixing to ensure your audio is powerful and crisp.

For indoor productions, we also offer discrete and easy-to-hide microphones –perfect interviews– and a variety of smaller teleprompting setups that can be installed without taking too much space off your soundstage or set.

We also offer on-site mixing, and the guaranteed quality we’re known for.

With Telecue & Sound’s video teleprompter services, you can worry about one less thing on the big day!

We look forward to providing you with the exceptional service and professionalism that makes us stand out in San Diego.