A broad selection of accessible and reliable teleprompters for any type of occasion or event!

The Ideal Medium to Express Yourself

Have you ever felt that you have the best speech in mind, but once you put it into words, you just don’t convey what you expected, or it doesn't fully sound the way you wanted it to? A teleprompter works as a device that prompts you to speak with an electronic visual text of a speech or script.

In this way, the problem disappears, and best of all, this alternative is at your fingertips with Tele-Cue & Sound teleprompters. Deliver seamless speeches, without any kind of interruptions and just as you planned with our help. We have the means, and you have the talent!

No More Stumbling During your Speeches

Our teleprompters are equipped with telescript software, and sound devices: accessories that avoid missteps or mistakes during your presentations. Improve your public speaking skills in minutes while maintaining eye contact with your audience!

Tele-Cue & Sound looks forward to providing you with the best teleprompters, professionalism, and state of the art equipment.

Everyone’s favorite

Founded in 1979 with the purpose of offering the best teleprompter services for the San Diego area and beyond. Our equipment configuration is ideal for formal live events, presidential speeches, academic purposes, meetings and whatever occasion in which the speakers are relatively stale and only turn their head to engage the audience.

Our Teleprompters Equipment Includes

Telescript Software

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3 Presidential Set-ups

4 19” Flat panel monitors

1 17” Flat panel monitor

1 15” Flat panel monitor

1 6” Flat panel (for handheld app.)

8 Hr Battery Power for remote app