Teleprompter Operator with Gear

Are you looking for a teleprompter operator with gear in and around San Diego?

If so, Telecue & Sound is the option for you.

With more than 30 years of working in all kinds of media productions, Telecue & Sound has become one of San Diego’s to-go companies for small and large projects alike.

Our capable team of experts will take care of the technical aspect for you, as our teleprompter operators come equipped with state-of-the-art gear that will make your project stand out.

Why Hire a Teleprompter Operator with Gear


It goes without saying that media projects are never cheap, particularly when it comes to equipment.

Camera, microphones, reflectors, audio mixers, teleprompters, dolly, the list goes on and on.

While large producing companies may own all the necessary equipment, smaller projects often have to rent, which quickly adds up, and that’s before taking into consideration your crew.

Why rent teleprompting equipment and hire an operator to use it when you can hire a teleprompter operator with gear already included, who’ll do the job for you?

Our talented crew has worked in numerous events, including newscasts, national talk shows, large firm advertisements, and, of course, live events.

This has given them a wide variety of skills and, more importantly, years of experience that they can use to ensure your project is at its best!

Why Use a Teleprompter.


Now that you know where to find a teleprompter operator with gear, you may be wondering why do you need one and the answer is quite simple:


Whether your project is live or pre-recording, ensuring the highest possible audio quality is a sure way of adding production value to your project.

Teleprompting equipment adds production value in the form of well-delivered speeches and lines, which minimizes mistakes and maximizes the efficiency of your production, which in turn saves money.

Not only that but because our teleprompter operators operate their own gear, they free your hands from the audio and teleprompting aspect of your project, giving you the opportunity to focus on other things.

Our Gear


For live events, we offer a number of customizable setups that will give your spokesperson the security of using a teleprompter without distracting from their presence.

This includes a presidential set-up and multiple sizes of flat-panel monitors, which work great on any occasion.

Our teleprompter operators’ gear so includes high-end audio mixing equipment, audio receivers, microphones for both exterior and interior productions, and on-site audio mixing, which never fails to make the crowds take notice of the audio quality.


So now you know it. If you’re looking for a teleprompting operator with gear near San Diego, Telecue & Sound is the option for you!