Teleprompter Crew in San Diego

Are you looking for a teleprompter crew in San Diego to help you with your live event or media production?

If so, Telecue & Sound is the option for you.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Telecue & Sound is San Diego’s to-go company when it comes to audiovisual productions and live event planning.

Our talented teleprompter crew will make a marked difference in your project, providing your production with our state-of-the-art equipment and handling all technical aspects of it!


The Best Teleprompter Crew in San Diego


There’s no overstating the importance of audio when it comes to media productions of all kinds.

Audiovisual projects, particularly speeches, live and die by the quality of their audio, so getting the right crew and equipment from the very start is a must.

What makes Telecue & Sound the best teleprompter crew in San Diego is not only their experience and commitment to quality but also their equipment.

Offering different customizable setups and multiple sizes of fat monitors, our teleprompter crew can adapt to any and all kinds of situations.

From live events to studio productions, there aren’t any conditions we haven’t faced before.

Not only that but our teleprompter crew is also equipped with powerful audio mixing equipment, audio receivers, a variety of microphones, on-site audio mixing equipment, and more!

More quality, less hassle.


Why go through the trouble of getting teleprompting equipment and audio equipment on top of everything else you need to do when you can hire a teleprompting crew in San Diego who already has it all?

Live events, movie productions, tv productions. It doesn’t matter; they all cost money and require a lot of organization, so making life easier for yourself and your existing crew just makes sense.

Sure, you can rent the teleprompter elsewhere and teach our crew to use it, but by hiring a dedicated teleprompter crew, you’re saving yourself a lot of headaches.

A teleprompter crew, like Telecue & Sound, will ensure everything goes smoothly with the teleprompter from the very beginning.

They’ll transport and install the equipment, they’ll record and mix the audio on-site and they’ll guarantee you have more time to focus on other aspects of your production.

Our talented crew has worked in numerous events, including newscasts, national talk shows, large firm advertisements, and, of course, live events; and can adapt to your vision with no problem.

It doesn’t matter if you’re making a commercial for national tv, producing a short film project or organizing an enormous outdoor event for thousands of people.

Telecue & Sound can be there for you

We look forward to providing you with the exceptional video teleprompting services and professionalism that make us stand out in San Diego!