Best teleprompter operator near San Diego

With its beautiful beaches, buzzing cities, and awe-worthy national parks, it’s no wonder California is the best state in the country for creative minds.


Sure, a lot of those minds tend to flock to Los Angeles, but plenty of others prefer to stay in or near San Diego, which means that America’s Finest City also has a thriving community of artists, content creators, and media experts striving to bring their creative vision to life.

Technical Skill and Creativity.


Having a creative vision and making it happen are two entirely different things that often require completely different people, so no matter what your creative project looks like, you can always benefit from hiring experts to help you with it.


With over 35 years of providing teleprompter operation services in and around San Diego, Telecue & Sound is one of such experts.


Whether you’re working on a movie, a news show, a commercial, or a live speech, Telecue & Sound has your back, giving your production the push it needs to stand out above the rest.


Our teleprompter operators have experience in live events, film projects, and pre-recorded shows, and has worked both indoors and outdoors in all kinds of weather conditions, giving them the ability to adapt to your project’s needs, and giving you the capacity to focus on other areas of your project.


We know that there’s a good chance you’ll never not worry about the audio, but with Five Alarms, you can at least rest assured that you have decades of experience backing you up.

Our Services.


As teleprompter operators, our crew has the equipment and ability necessary to record and sound mix -either on-location or in post-, as well as projecting scripts in a non-obtrusive manner that’s easy to hide from the cameras, ensuring your project enjoys the best audio, and presentation, out there.


Our decades of experience in the field and our ability to adapt to circumstances make us the best teleprompter operator near San Diego, and the one you should work with next time you need a teleprompter.

The Importance of a Teleprompter.

The longer someone speaks, the greater risk for error there is, which means that a teleprompter is a time and money-saving solution that you should consider from the very start.


Sure, in recorded projects you can always re-do a take or, worst-case scenario, fix it in post, but you’ll save a lot of time and money if those mistakes don’t exist in the first place, which is where a teleprompter can come in useful.


Teleprompters come twice as handy in live vents, particularly if there’s a speech to be had.


Sure, the spokesperson can and should memorize as much of it as they can, but a little helping hand has never hurt anyone, which is why hiring the best teleprompter operator near San Diego can only help your project.


Our experience, and our time in the industry, make us the best teleprompter operators near San Diego, and we look forward to working with you!