TeleCue & Sound Equipment

What We Offer

If you're on the lookout for teleprompter operators in the San Diego area for your production or event, you may have already noticed that teleprompting involves a whole lot more equipment than you initially imagined.

It makes sense when you think about it. Teleprompting operators have been a staple of all kinds of media productions for decades, so it's only expected for teleprompting equipment to have evolved with time.

If you need teleprompting equipment, but you're not sure what each thing is, here's a quick guide for you.

Video Equipment

Presidential Set-Ups

One of the most popular in the industry, “Presidential-Set Ups” gives you all the advantages of teleprompting services without the bulk.

This kind of teleprompter usually features transparent glass screens that allow the spokesperson to look at the script without distracting the audience.

TeleCue & Sound teleprompting operators are fully trained to use this equipment, giving you the best experience possible.

Flat Panel Monitors

A more traditional kind of setup, better suited for filming and situations where function is more important than form, Flat Panel Monitors are what most people expect when they hear “teleprompting services.”

These monitors come in four different sizes –19″, 17″, 15″, and 6″– to better fit your needs and come with add-ons and accessories necessary to make your production a success.

Not only that, but our flat-panel monitors are operated by our fully trained teleprompting operators, ensuring you only need to focus on the words.

Remote Power

While most teleprompting equipment is used indoors, TeleCue & Sound offers up to 8 hours of battery power, which in turn allows you to take your productions or events outdoors, providing guests with excellent service and versatility.

Audio Equipment

Displaying the words, you need to record is only one of the services teleprompting operators offer, and TeleCue & Sound goes above and beyond by also offering audio recording and mixing to ensure everything about your event or production sounds fantastic.

Not only do we afford a variety of shotgun mics that allow you to film omnidirectional audio if you can’t equip everyone with their own microphone, but we also offer sleeves and covers to minimize audio disruptions such as the wind.

This coupled with our 552-field mixer, wireless systems, powerful receivers, and well-trained staff, allows you to film audio both indoors and outdoors, bringing even more versatility and production value to your project.

Let's Work Together

Working with the right teleprompting operator means you’ll be able to stop worrying about the tech aspects, and you’ll be able to focus on your creativity, imbuing your project with the kind of originality often lacking when you wear too many hats.

We’ve been part of the San Diego media and corporate industry since 1988 and look forward to bringing that experience to your project.