Podium Teleprompter

The best teleprompter to ensure the best messages get spread on a unique and reliable way

The Detail that will Elevate your Speech

The widest selection of reliable, affordable teleprompter podiums designed and assembled to guarantee the best support for your conferences or communications.

With our teleprompters, integrated with a great quality platform, you’ll be able to raise your voice above your surroundings. Your speeches have never sounded so good and articulate!

We Have Your Back!

Leave it in our hands! We have a wide reliable affordable section of teleprompter podiums for your professional events. You decide what combination of features and what price point suits your specific needs.

Serving All San Diego County

We are trusted all around San Diego!

We are a San Diego local company that provides teleprompting for the video, corporate meeting, and broadcast industry since 1988.

We have been in operation for over 32 years and our time of experience make us your best option – don’t think twice! We have the professional teleprompting and teleprompter podiums you were just looking for.

Professional Podium Teleprompters

Whether you’re having a public event where your message needs to be out or a speech setting where screen size and clarity are high priorities, at Tele-Cue & Sound there is a teleprompter podium that would meet your needs and surpass your expectations. 

We have the professional solution for your corporate meetings, academic speeches, seminars or advertisements. You just name it!