Live Events

Using Tele-Cue & Sound teleprompters on set gives your video production team many advantages, especially when it comes to live events!

The Best Support for any Occasion

Teleprompters are often used in live news broadcasts, but not exclusively, our equipment can be used in any type of live event such as: meetings, livestream, performances, conferences, broadcast videos, and more.

Our teleprompter system consists of a monitor that displays the desired script so you can read the text in the reflection looking directly at the camera while you read the projected text.

Your speech may sound even better than you think. With Tele-cue & Sound there is no limit to excellence. Let us help you perfect your technique!

We Don’t Have the Solution: We are The Solution!

Well actually we do too, we have the best team and equipment in all of San Diego County. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do a lot of live streams, but yet still need to read a script. You won’t have to look off of your monitor or phone anymore!

The Ultimately Full Equipment

We have everything you need for your live event: distance prompting, and hardware that is often suitable for multi-camera shoots, monitors for jibs, hand-help and studio configurations, as well. You shouldn’t struggle with costly reruns or loss of eye contact with your audience.our teleprompters are designed to help overcome these and more problems!

High Quality at the Best Price

A live event is not even complete without us! Our equipment is designed to provide the best cost-effective solutions on the market. A variety of teleprompters are available, including features such as live edits. We have the ultimately best available technology, quality, customer service, and long-term value!